In an overwhelming majority of the cases, obesity and insulin resistance precede the development of type 2 diabetes, which gives us a chance of avoiding it.

We, at MIND Clinic, offer a personalized treatment even in case of a developed diabetes, and, at the same time, we focus on prevention.

It is important to know that the disease is preventable and even reversible!

We believe, in fact, we experience that through an adequate patient-doctor relationship, using the latest medication treatment- combined with today’s and the future’s technologies - and personalized lifestyle consulting, long-term success can be reached in the primary prevention and treatment of diabetes. In certain cases, even an already developed diabetes can be successfully reversed into the state of metabolic health.

The role of microbiome in healing

We pay a special attention to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) not only during a type 2 diabetes, but also in pre-diabetic stages, partly due to therapeutic decisions but also due to education. More and more scientific data prove that certain changes of the gut bacteria flora living in our digestive system might play a role in the development of metabolic diseases (obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes).

During the planning of lifestyle therapy at our clinic, our gastroenterologist and diabetologist experts take into account such deviations of the microbiome, the targeted treatment of which might contribute to the long-term success of the healing process or the prevention. Dysbiosis (the pathological changes of the gut flora) does not only affect metabolic processes unfavorably, but it might also play a role in the late complications of diabetes (for example, diabetic neuropathy), therefore, the treatment of this might be important even in an advanced stage of diabetes.

Visit MIND Clinic if:

·     diabetes has occurred in your family and you would like to avoid it

·      you feel like your lifestyle might lead to diabetes sooner or later

·     you are overweight and you are on an unsuccessful diet

·     you have insulin resistance and you would like to prevent diabetes

·     you have been diagnosed with diabetes and you would like a personalized treatment, which might reverse the process

·     you would like to know whether insulin therapy has an alternative in your case.

Our experts will see you in an exclusive environment using the latest medical solutions or you can consult with them online.

We recommend you to visit the following doctors of the clinic:

Dr. András Gelley - internist, gastroenterologist

Dr. Stella Péter - diabetologists

Dr. Schäfer Eszter - gastroenterologist

Dr. Schwab Richárd - internist, gastroenterologist

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