One of our main missions in the 21st century medicine is that our patients receive high-quality treatment within a short time. At MIND Clinic, we undertake that it happens within two weeks. More effective treatment and the quick setup of the diagnosis and the treatment plan can be reached by the Clinic by using a new method successfully applied in the USA. Within one specialization, more doctors of different areas work together. Digital anamnesis record, which precedes personal consultation, also plays a significant role in raising our effectiveness. Consultation happens with the close cooperation of doctors and physician assistants: the exploration of the patient’s medical history and the present symptoms is the task of the physician assistant, therefore, the doctor can focus on making decisions and setting up the diagnosis and the treatment plan. This process is also helped by the telemedicine service, through which you can consult with our doctors quickly, simply and conveniently from your home. Thus, a consultation about first opinion, condition monitoring or second opinion is also possible.

Below, you receive detailed information about the clinic, the check-in process, the forms and sharing your medical evidence, furthermore, you can also find the information about health insurance below.

You can book an appointment to MIND Clinic online or on phone. In this video, our colleague lets you know about the check-in process, allowing you to have an appointment as soon as possible.

Where is MIND Clinic located?

In spite of digitalization facilitates and accelerates treatments, patient-doctor meetings have an outstanding role in the process of healing. The location of our personal consultations is MIND Clinic, which opened in 2020 in central Buda, at an easily accessible location.

Our Clinic is in the heart of District 2, in Millenáris Park (39 Lövőház Street, Budapest, 1024), right next to Széll Kálmán Square, one of the main traffic junctions of Budapest. Inside the old, imposing building lies a modern institution exceeding all 21st-century expectations and where everything and everyone serves your recovery.

The institution is easily accessible both by car or by public transport. In this video, we show you the exact location of MIND Clinic and we give you some useful tips about parking as well.

MIND Clinic makes a complete microbiome map during the Stool Genomic Test. Prior to choosing a service, it is worth it to compare how detailed each SGT is and what evaluation it contains. In this video, our colleague presents in details the thorough microbiome diagnostic examination carried out by our Clinic.

The effectiveness of the Stool Genomic Test also depends on the correct sampling. Using the kit is not complicated, however, most people see this kit for the first time in their lives. In this video, we present how to carry out the sampling and what you should pay attention to.