Our philosophy is that the results of medical research must be made available to the patients today.

Our healing-prevention and research activity is patient-centered: we share the tasks in order to have our most competent colleague deal with each problem. Our doctors do those parts of the treatments, which cannot be performed by technology or by our other qualified workers. We work in a team and we can only be successful together. Despite our knowledge about the human gene map and the microbiome, most of the diseases affecting our society are still under research: hypertension, diabetes and the complications of these, Alzheimer’s disease, movement and other memory disorders, autoimmune inflammation, cancer, etc. We have to work together in order to beat these. The symptomatic treatment of these diseases is not enough. Knowing the causes, we have to pay a great attention to prevention and training so that the age we can reach thanks to the scientific and technological developments of the 20th century will mean a truly high quality of life, instead of mere years.