It is not a coincidence that many of the people who get venous stenosis will also have a heart attack or a stroke soon after. According to statistics, stroke is often followed by a heart attack. The risk factors for the three diseases are almost the same: obesity, smoking, high blood pressure (hypertension), abnormal fat values, diabetes, excessive consumption of alcohol, lack of movement.

The possibility of all three diseases can be reduced by slowing down the process of arteriosclerosis. This can be carried out by influencing the risk factors, that is, by significant changes in the lifestyle.

Primary prevention is very important! As mentioned above, arteriosclerosis develops silently within the human body until the appearance of clinical symptoms. However, using targeted examinations and screening, deviations can be recognized in time.

We are available to you even if you are not ill and you require assistance in screening or prevention. Besides lifestyle tips and special medical examinations, we can check every important blood parameter and organize all the imaging examinations (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI) that are needed for the effectiveness of prevention.

We are also available to those who have already encountered any of the vascular diseases. Unfortunately, in case of all three diseases, there is a significant risk of recurrence, therefore, not only rehabilitation, but secondary prevention is also of great importance.

We can also give you advice on medications after the special medical examinations. People who have encountered vascular diseases have to be treated with several types of medications (antihypertensives, medications for fat and sugar, anticoagulants or, in some cases, vascular surgery).

Our institution does not deal with acute care. Therefore, if someone has an acute heart attack or stroke, an ambulance must be called immediately. The time window of an effective intervention is very small, especially in case of stroke, being only a few hours.

Patients going through a vascular disease (especially stroke) do not only require medical treatment and rehabilitation, they may also require psychological or psychiatric treatment as well. A holistic view of treatment is applied in our institution, therefore, the patient may receive help from more specialists of our medical team if needed.

In case of vascular diseases, book an appointment with one of the following specialists of our Clinic:

Dr. Tamás Jarecsny - Neurologist

Prof. László Csiba - Neurologist

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