During the personal consultation, our professionals can focus on making decisions and setting up the treatment plan, thus we can minimize the administrative tasks of our doctors. Thanks to you filling out our anamnesis record form, your doctor can gain structured information about your symptoms, medical history and medications prior to your personal visit.

Online consultation is also possible in the form of telemedicine, in case the patient does not require personal consultation or the patient is incapacitated.

Our professionals can set up your diagnosis and your treatment plan if they have access to your medical evidence, this is why, besides filling the form out, sharing your previous medical evidence is important. When you meet our colleague at the policlinic - according to our commitment, within two weeks of booking an appointment - we can provide a professional opinion about your personalized treatment based on a wide range of diagnostic medical evidence.

After booking an appointment, you will find a link in the confirmation email, which directs you to the site where you can fill the patient form out. You will need approximately 20 minutes to fill the form out.

We ask you to fill out our form prior to the consultation by clicking on the button below. You need to register in order to access the forms. In case you have not registered yet, please do so by clicking on “You do not have a MIND profile yet? Register”.

Use the form below in case of METABOLIC / BOWEL- AND STOMACH SYMPTOMS

Use the form below in case of HEADACHE symptoms

If you have other neurological symptoms, call our customer service center (phone number: +36 1 600 50 90) where our colleagues will ask you some questions in order to prepare your consultation.